Дополнительные опции

Дополнительная продуктивность

Машины Komatsu уже в базовой комплектации абсолютно эффективны и готовы к работе в лесу. Однако для увеличения производительности и комфорта может быть добавлен ряд опций. Ниже представлены наиболее востребованные из них.

Autolev Advanced

Неровности не страшны

Все наши харвестеры могут быть оснащены опциональной системой выравнивания Komatsu Autolev Advanced, которая настолько же проста насколько гениальна.
Результатом является эффективное демпфирование жестких ударов. При раскряжовке функция автоматически отключается, чтобы не ухудшить точность манипулятора и работы харвестерного агрегата. Все функции этой подвески гидравлической кабины контролируются MaxiXplorer. 

Cab options

For extra comfort

The operator spends a lot of time in the cab and a sustainable operator environment is important for making every day productive. We can offer a wide range of extra equipment to make the working place, even more comfortably and well functioning. Examples are: Komatsu Comfort Controls Advanced, Air-ventilated seat, Seat rotation 180° working, Floor heating, Sun shades, Radio with Bluetooth and hands-free support, MediaZone, Lunch box heater. Cooler box. Remote key control (Europe), Caliper, Extra interior ceiling and floor lightning,Touch screen, etc.

Working lights

Even better lightning

To have really great visibility when working is of course very important. Not only to be able to perform the demanding tasks in the best way, but also to be able to work longer shifts without getting tired. To further enhance the machine lighting, it can be equipped with LED lights. With LED you’ll get rapid and strong lighting with low energy consumption and it is also considered highly reliable, which means LED headlights have a very long service life. You can also further improve the machine lighting by adding extra LED headlights on the cab, crane and the rear frame.

Head options

Optimised harvesting heads

The harvesting head is maybe the most vital part of a harvester. We offer a wide range of harvester heads that all of them are uniqly designed to fit specific harvester models. The heads can also be added with extra options that further increase the productivity. Examples are: Multi-tree equipment, Eco-GLS, Different choices of feed wheels, Extra measuring point for increased measurement accuracy (S-heads), Automatic or manual chain tensioning, Separately controlled electric-hydraulic measurement wheel. Extra knives, etc.

Hand holding phone with mini harvester and forest


The first fleet management system on the market

MaxiFleet is a unique, web-based Fleet Management system for forest machines. By merging advance web- and mobile technology with five decades of forestry expertise, Maxifleet is truly the next step in production effectiveness. MaxiFleet makes it possible to localise all machines, see each machine status, monitor production and machine information, coordinate/optimise the entire machine fleet and conduct proactive service measures. It give you full overviews on your smartphone, tablet, on your computer back at the office.