Komatsu C164

Идеально подходит для толстоствольных деревьев

Komatsu C164

Задача агрегата C164 заключается в том, чтобы облегчить трудовые будни операторам харвестеров, работающим в труднопроходимых лесах. Каждая деталь рассчитана на обработку толстомерных деревьев, больших комлевых стволов, а также крупных сучьев и ветвей. Помимо того, что это крупнейшая голова в популярной серии голов C, продуманная конструкция позволяет легко и просто управляться с ней на машине. Агрегат идеально подходит для харвестера Komatsu 951.


Designed for harvesting rough trees

The C164 is specially designed to handle large trees. The extended position of the saw bar reduces the load on the frame and tilt link and decreases the risk of felling the tree over the nose sprocket of the saw bar.

The rotator for the C164 is a further development of the standard rotator for C model of heads, that has a stronger and more robust design.

The Komatsu C164 has a completely new tilt lock function that makes it possible to lock the head at just the right angle. This facilitates harvesting difficult branches or tree forks and has been a widely requested feature.

Energy efficient feeding

The C164 is a “carry style” head, where the stem is carried by the feed wheels and the delimbing knives are mainly used for delimbing the stem. This design is very energy efficient, making it good for productivity.

The feed system is designed with four driven feed wheels, which is a well-proven and reliable concept. The C164 has a wide application range thanks to the option of two different feed roller motors.

Upgraded cutting unit, Constant Cut

Constant Cut, our intelligent saw motor control, ensures that the head has a constant and efficient saw motor speed throughout the complete cutting cycle. This, in turn, ensures efficient cutting and limits problems with cutting cracks.

The Constant Cut cutting unit is upgraded for the Komatsu C164, featuring several improvements for increased reliability.

Available with 90/97 cm saw bar.

Options that help boosting productivity

The Find End function makes it possible to reset length without needing to make a first cut and lump a part of the log.

Integrated work lights make it easier for the operator to position the head against the tree and to classify the stems.

HD tilt link option for mounting on tracked machines, available with and without continuous rotating.

There are also other options available for the C164 head, such as colour marking and stump treatment.


The C164 has several features designed to minimise unplanned downtime and thereby improve productivity. The frame is designed and verified to stand the force from heavy operations.

Components like the head unit are well protected under the hood and cast iron is used for strategic components. To reduce the environmental impact caused by oil leakage, the head is also equipped with ORFS couplings.




C164 drawing
Максимальная высота

1 905 мм

Высота (с ротатором)

1 848 мм

Высота до вертикального ножа

1 690 мм

Максимальное раскрытие вальцов

850 мм

Max recommended tree size

640 мм

Max possible tree size

750 мм

Opening front knives

750 мм

Opening rear knives

950 мм


Сухой вес, включая ротатор, от 1,691 кг

Скорость протяжки


Усилие протяжки

934 cc: 35,4 кН, 780 cc: 29,6 кН

Тип вальцов

Пальцевые ролики подачи

Сучкорезные ножи, количество


Сучкорезные ножи, раскрытие

620 мм

Пильная шина

90 см / 97 см

Мотор пилы

19 см³/оборот

Максимальный диаметр отпила

Зависит от пильной шины: 830 мм с 97 см пильной шиной

Максимальный гидравлический поток

380 л/мин

Максимальное гидравлическое давление

28 МПа

Общая информация

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