Komatsu 931XC

Комфорт, устойчивость и исключительная маневренность

Komatsu 931XC

Komatsu 931XC - это сочетание устойчивости и минимальной нагрузки на грунт. Благодаря восьми колесам комфорт оператора улучшен, повреждение почвы уменьшено, а маневренность и устойчивость обеспечиваются в любых условиях заготовки.


Markets largest hydraulic capacity

The 931XC comes with Komatsu’s unique 3-pump hydraulics. This means that it offers the market’s largest total hydraulic capacity of 736 litres. In addition, the unique pressure and flow optimisation enables you to work significantly faster without losing power when using certain functions. On the contrary, you can now perform several crane and head functions simultaneously with maximum hydraulic power, such as slewing the crane, feeding a log and manoeuvring the machine, with optimally low fuel

Excellent operator environment

The high-performance operator environment in the new 931XC is unique in several respects. Some of the many new features and benefits include the larger cab volume, improved visibility, smarter screen placement and remote control/key for controlling the main circuit breaker and the cab heater. There are also improved storage solutions, optimised air conditioning and lighting, as well as three joystick system alternatives, including EME. Optional extras include our unique cab suspension, Autolev Advanced, and a complete media hub (MediaZone) with both USB and AUX

Maximised productivity

An impressive 187 kN of underlying tractive force and unique interaction between engine, control system and power transmission. The hydrostatic, power-optimised transmission in the 931XC enables full use of engine power, which is a great advantage when navigating gradients and difficult terrain. There are also several pre-set and task specific driving modes. The result is maximised productivity and benefit from every ounce of horsepower and litre of diesel. consumption

The most stable harvester

The feature that makes the Komatsu 931XC the most stable harvester is a type of double suspension. The tried and tested concept of an articulated joint and a swing axle, which along with the cab’s tilt cylinders deliver superior stability, has now been developed with a bogie that is installed on the single axle. This results in a harvester with unique driving properties as the manner in which the machine follows any unevenness in the terrain is unparalleled.puts.




Приблизительный вес

от 21 700 кг.

Stroke volume

7.4 л.


185 kW DIN at 1,900 rpm

Крутящий момент

1100 Nm (811 lbf-ft) at 1,500 rpm

Топливный бак

примерно 480 л.

Модель и вылет

230H: 8.7 m (28,5 ft), 10 m (32,8 ft), 11 m (36 ft)

Подъёмный момент

229 kNm (168,90 lbf-ft)

Крутящий момент

54 kNm


528 л/мин (139 gal/min) at 1,600 rpm


280 bar (4,061 psi)


24 V

Ёмкость батарей

2 x 180 Ah


2 x 100 A

Скорость передвижения

0-7,6/23 км/ч (бездорожье/дорога)

Тяговое усилие

187 kN

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