Будущее форвардеров

Будущее форвардеров уже сегодня

И снова мы впереди. Komatsu представляет новейшее поколение форвардеров. Вместе с профессиональным обслуживанием, а также проактивным сервисом мы предлагаем максимальную производительность и эффективность.

Komatsu 875 with a great reach


This new generation is all about effectiveness. Impressing load capacity. Powerful cranes that gives you long reach and market-leading driving characteristics. A super powerful driveline for maximum torque at low revs.
Komatsu 855 engine


The new Komatsu machines is a great step forward when it comes to service. Service doors, and check points are placed for maximum access and enables quick and easy daily service.
View from inside the cab, steering


Effectiveness is also about user-friendliness. With the new, sleek and smart design, Komatsu has this built-in. Efficient machine control. Powerful, easy-to-grasp production monitoring. And smart solutions that makes work and maintenance easier than ever.
Komatsu 855 with Comfort Ride


Komatsu is known for its great ergonomics. Now we take this concept even further. A surprisingly spacious cabin, in all directions. A market-leading suspension. And communications that turn your cab into a truly modern workplace.
Komatsu 855 with full load


The new generation forwarders also embodies every aspect of quality. Robust, well-designed frames. Reliable components and technologies. Paired with new service concepts and a unique collection of spare parts and consumables, this is forwarder functionality that truly delivers.